Research Project GAČR 202/09/0772

Current Problems of Gravitation, General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics

The proposal is a continuation of the projects which were awarded the GA CR grants 202/93/0503, 202/96/0206, 202/99/0261, 202/02/0735 and 202/06/0041 in previous years. It aims to support research in relativistic physics and astrophysics. The project follows the tradition of these areas in our country. It groups researchers who have been active in the field for many years, and also involves their students (whose support is proposed in the related doctoral project). It should enable them to maintain and further develop scientific work and contacts between each other, as well as collaborations with colleagues abroad. Within the project, we plan to study fundamental theoretical problems of gravitation (e.g. radiative spacetimes), classical problems of general relativity (e.g. exact solutions of Einstein's equations, sources of stationary fields, conservation laws), as well as astrophysical and cosmological applications (e.g. processes around black holes, in particular in galactic nuclei, relativistic celestial mechanics, cosmological perturbations). Results will be published in international journals and reported at conferences.