Computer Laboratories and Classrooms

The Institute runs well-equipped computer laboratories and classrooms with free access for students.

Laboratory of Computational Simulations

Supervisor: Dr. Stanislav Hledík
Assistant: Mgr. Jan Novotný

The purpose of the Computational Simulations Laboratory is to promote the computational environment of the Institute of Physics for profound teaching of numerical programming, computational simulations and modeling, parallel programming, computer graphics, scientific visualization, and multimedia processing. Read more...

COSLAB / LPS: Computational Simulations LaboratorySGI Altix & IBM Blade ServerCOSLAB / LPS: Computational Simulations Laboratory

Computer Classroom

Supervisor: Miroslav Zeman, B.S. & B.C.A.

The computer classroom intended for students of all branches of physics is equipped with high-quality computers with Windows XP operating system and the usual set of software equipment (Microsoft, Adobe, ...) that provides the students with access to the internet and faculty information services, word processing tools and other useful software.

The classroom also holds a variety of courses related to information technologies that are common for all branches of physics, as well as courses specific for the applied physics programmes only. Some of the courses are attended by students from other institutes of the Faculty or the entire University. Read more...